Challenge 54 winners.

First Place;;

Second Place;;

Third Place;;

Okay so I have to break the news to everyone. Somehow our post where people enter icons got deleted. I know you don't want to hear it but it happened and how we're unsure as to who are the users who have won. From their photobucket albums I'm assuming that 1st is photobucket user letoist, 2nd is photobucket user nineteendays, and 3rd is photobucket user modestlyicons.

If this is you please leave a comment here and claim your banner! I'm so terribly sorry for the mishap, it seems like LJ just ate the entry or something :/

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Hello Hello, Lovelies. I am so sorry for the lateness, but I know we all live relatively hectic lives, especially during the Holidays, so no long story from me. I'm officially on break, so no more slacking from me. And finally the winners from Challenge Fifty-three.

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Comment if you'd like a banner! New Challenge on Monday, December 24th (or should we take a Christmas break?). Thanks for your patience, guys.

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To keep us on schedule, a new challenge will be posted on Wednesday. Very sorry for the delay.